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On this page you can find

  • Some videos with speaks that can be both inspirational and thought provoking
  • Some tips on literature
  • Some great music videos to be inspired by
  • Link to Amborg Consulting’s Spotify playlist
  • Some fun videos

Just scroll down and enjoy…

Here are a number of movies that can be both inspirational and thought-provoking.

Some tips on literature;

  • ”Det blir alltid som man tänkt sig”, Olof Röhlander
  • ”Good to great”, Jim Collins
  • “Att lyckas med processledning”, Björne Väggö, Marianne Dicander m.fl
  • ”Att växa genom möten”, Kay Pollak
  • ”Att välja glädje”, Kay Pollak
  • “A brief history of everything”, Ken Wilber

Some great music to be inspired by

In addition to the following music videos, there’s a playlist on Spotify, which you can subscribe to if you like the content.
You access it via this link: Amborg Consulting

Hans Ludvigsson;

And we also need to have som fun